"This is the third project that Christopher Sale has done for us and we thoroughly recommend his architectural services."
Susan Attew.
Holme Park Stud.

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Ickwell Bury Park is a Listed area of landscape surrounding an historic Caroline house that was partly burned down in 1937. Some 88 acres of the park were sold off and ploughed up in 1945 and it was this area that was purchased by our clients. We were commissioned to design a new stud farm complex and house, and to return the area to its former park like setting.

The Planning Authority was sympathetic to this approach, and on the basis of PPG7, for horses and a country house, a scheme was prepared. An Historical Impact Assessment and an Archaeological Assessment were carried out to satisfy the Conservation Officer.

The layout was designed to separate the farm buildings from the house and to link views between the two parts. A main approach vista was proposed which turned the entrance road to give the effect of surprise and involved banking to obscure the view to the main road. Around the house ha ha's were incorporated so that no fencing was required and that the new park landscape came up to the house terraces.

From the rear terrace, a gap in the trees on the ridge gave a prominent position for a rear axis and feature monument. Private gardens and terraces were placed on the south west side linking to an open demonstration arena and the stud farm buildings.

The house was designed along Classical principals with particular attention to proportions as was the norm in previous times. The Fibonacci series 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. giving the Golden Section proportion and reducing the upper storey by 1/6 as Palladio proposed, were used as design tools.

The scheme was prepared on a Computer Design programme which allowed us to demonstrate a virtual reality interactive 3D film allowing the clients to explore the park and settings of all the buildings with the effect of mature landscape, some 50 years into the future.