Rider Sale Architects Cambridge, Remodels a 50's Style House to create a Stunning Contempory Home

Rider Sale Architects have recently completed redesigning an outdated 50's style house. Now that construction work is complete it is fully up to date in facilities and insulation standards.

  Old houses were often built to serve a different lifestyle where heat loss and CO2 emissions were not considered. In the main these houses do have a second chance of being remodelled and updated by an Architectural design specialist who has the skills necessary to restore them to prime condition.

This is exactly what Cambridge Architect Chris Sale has set out to do. The current house had a very poor layout and small kitchen and lacked proper thermal insulation. Chris and his client believed that the house had potential for great improvement.

"This project has been quite special in that I have turned an old house into a stunning contemporary home for my clients"
  This is what Chris had to say about the job, ďItís great to get your teeth into a project that stretches your imagination. This one has truly been quite special in that I am turning an old house into a stunning contemporary home for my clients. As well as the extensions to increase the size, we are including lots of energy saving products to make this home very cost effective with its future utility bills.Ē Chris has been successfully redesigning and remodelling homes for over 25 years. He maintains a very busy practice offering building design services around Cambridge.

The house that he has recently completed was built in the 50's and previous remodelling had not brought the property up to date. Before the new design work was agreed the clients had viewed other layouts but considered that Chrisís layout was by far the best.
Stunning transformation of existing house Rider Sale Architects
  Chris Sale knows that the completed project has greatly enhanced the property value. This can have an effect on the area where other owners update their properties.

The clients are extremely pleased to have found an excellent Architect in the Cambridge area to design the remodel of their home. Now that the building project is finished it has a modern contemporary look. They have considerably increased the building footprint and Chris has designed extensions to the rear and the side, remodelling the staircase into a light well to the roof, with a double height family room at first floor.

At the rear Chris has designed a new kitchen and breakfast room with double doors opening out onto the garden.

Very efficient double-glazing has been installed throughout the property with bi-fold sliding doors opening onto a new garden terrace.

The roof was re-tiled throughout to give a cohesive appearance and new handmade brickwork covered the outside of all the property.

The transformation process of this project has been absolutely amazing. The clients moved out while the work was in progress but are now pleased to have returned to what is a new house.
About Rider Sale Associates
Chris Sale is the Director of Rider Sale Associates an RIBA Chartered firm of Architects near Cambridge. Rider Sale Associates undertakes all types of residential projects,community buildings and small commercial projects within a 50-mile radius of Cambridge.
They work onextensions, remodels andnew build projects. Listed Buildings and barn conversions.
Chris Sale can be contacted at
Rider Sale Associates The Studio, 15 Church Lane Little Eversden Cambridge CB23 1HQ
Tel/fax 01223 264436 E-mail mail@ridersale.co.uk Web: www.ridersale.co.uk
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 Existing 50's house before the stunning transformation by Rider Sale Architects Cambridge